Hello! I'm Shelley

I am a Depth-Oriented Psychotherapist and an Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

I support women, who struggle behind the scenes with depression to heal emotional repression through powerful practices of self-expression.

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Free Course! Explore three simple but profound intuitive art and writing exercises to help you to heal your shadow, amplify your intuition, and access inspiration!

Do You Suffer From Depression?


Are you a woman that struggles with depression behind the scenes? Do you feel even more depressed when you are not working, giving, doing and creating? Do you hold yourself to the highest standard of perfection and achievement, as a way to stave off emotional discomfort, sadness, fear or anger?

You do not need to live and work with an ongoing depression that hides unhealed shame, guilt, grief, fear or anger. This is your emotional shadow longing to be acknowledged, understood, loved and transformed into your finest gifts and talents, so that you can live at a higher frequency of freedom and joy. 

If you are feeling repressed, depressed and accumulated with unprocessed emotions, I offer insightful self-expression practices to help you to release discordant emotional energies on a daily basis. When you make a small effort to express your emotional truth every day, your depression will lift, and you will become the amazing intuitive life creator that you are meant to be!

Inner Child Therapy Worksheets


Your core wounds begin in childhood. Purchase 30 in-depth art and writing worksheets to support you to slowly release your inner child pain in safe, powerful and wisely structured ways so that you can access the peace and joy of complete self-love.

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Collage For Self-Discovery


In this program, I offer you a process of spontaneous collage as a way to self-mirror all of your repressed emotions, desires and dreams through pictures so that you can heal depression and discover who you really are.

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100 Days Art of Journal Therapy


Traditional therapy can fail to address your depression when it does not access your visionary potentials. To heal the deepest roots of depression you will need to find access to the inspiring imagery that arises from your creative unconscious mind.

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Kind Words About My Work...

 "Thanks to Shelley, I have turned to the expressive arts in ways I never imagined and I am finding the confidence to claim my "good enoughness" with more joy.  I am grateful for the profound effect she has made in my life."


Berni Darnell



The Art of Healing Depression

This emotionally explorative expressive arts course provides a year-long transformation path from emotional pain to joyful freedom. 

Enjoy insightful daily self-expression prompts to help you access your unconscious mind, love your neglected parts of your self, and heal entrenched or cyclical depression.

No art experience is necessary!


Reversing Depression

Imagine yourself totally free of depression! Depression can feel like a downward spiral that requires so much effort to break free of sad, ashamed, guilty, frustrated, fearful, or angry emotions. So it can be truly exciting to consider that you can learn how to learn to live again, to love again, and be totally free of the depression that has caused you to lose hope, and begin to enjoy the anticipation of good things happening in your life again.


Featured Blog Posts


As children, we learned which behaviours caused approval and disapproval from family, teachers, and friends. We developed the sides of ourselves that were acceptable and repressed what was not. This formed our idealized self and its opposite shadow.


Did you know that it is possible to open your heart simply by meditating upon it? Typically, as we go through life, the innocent unconditional love that shone so brightly when we were younger becomes jaded, cynical or dull. In order to live a full and passionate life, you will need to recover your heart.


Our bodies hold unresolved emotional issues until we process and release them. Depression is caused by an accumulation of negative thoughts, unprocessed adverse experiences, old unhealed wounds, present life struggles, and future worries.

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Heal Your Core Wound 


Each one of us have such devastating negative beliefs about ourselves we cannot bear to acknowledge them. Find out what your primary core wound from childhood is and learn how to heal it.

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