100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

This comprehensive expressive arts e-course will support you to emotionally heal depression through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous art and writing. Learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain with diverse depth-oriented expressive art directives and writing prompts.

Prompts are delivered via 100 in-depth art and writing PDF worksheets over 100 days.


Emotionally Release Through Expressive Art and Writing

Is it possible to live your life from inspiration instead of depression? Absolutely! It just takes practice. This in-depth daily e-course will support you to emotionally heal through daily spontaneous imagery paired with in-depth writing prompts.

Traditional therapy can fail to address your deepest dilemmas when it does not access your visionary potentials. To heal the deepest roots of depression you will need to gain access to the inspiring and encouraging imagery that arises from your creative unconscious mind.

Expressive Arts Directives 1-50

1. Write Your Pain a Letter

2. Define Your Values

3. Collage Your Appreciation

4. Collage and Draw Your Inner Critic

5. Growing Through Problems

6. Journal Meditation for Increasing Self-Love

7. Collage Your Emotional Set-Point

8. Dialogue Balloon Collage

9. Heal Your Blocks to Success

10. Gestural Paste

11. Found Poetry Collage 

12. Collage Who You Admire

13. Word Collage

14. Expressive Still Life Drawing

15. Collage a Mandala

16. Intuitive Drawing

17. Expressive Self-Portrait

18. Intuitive Watercolor Painting 

19. Collage Your Stillness

20. Fabric Assemblage

21. Paint a Spontaneous Tree

22. Paint Spontaneous Circles

23. Resolving Fear Through Collage

24. Spontaneous Painting

25. Paint Abstract Shapes

26. Collage Together Past Paintings and Drawings

27. Fine Art Collage

28. Draw Your Soul Essence

29. Meditate on Colour

30. Collage Cards for Self-Discovery

31. Paint Watercolour Drops

32. Free Form Watercolour

33. Mandala Colouring Therapy

34. Exploring Difficult Emotions Through Intuitive Painting

35. Visual Journaling

36. Active Imagination Journaling 

37. Draw and Journal Your Anger

38. Colour Body Mapping

39. Body Stories with Collage

40. Painting with Music

41. Reflective Writing

42. Scribble Drawing

43. Healing Grief Through Art and Journaling

44. Map of Consciousness Collage

45. Healing Traumatic Memories with Embodied Writing

46. Portal of Possibilities with Collage

47. Transforming Your Inner Brat

48. Free Association Pastel Drawing

49. Meditate on an Intuitive Zendoodle

50. Unburdening the Past

Expressive Arts Directives 51-100

51. Journal Process for Healing Your Inner Demons

52. Journaling Through Emotional Overwhelm

53. Exploring Mixed Feelings Through Embodied Storytelling

54. A Journal Process for Healing Negative Core Beliefs

55. Understanding Physical Illness

56. An Emotional Approach to Healing Illness

57. Create a Mandala for Healing

58. Setting Higher Intentions

59. How to Make an Altered Book

60. Processing Trauma Through Altered Book Making

61. The Art of Setting Boundaries

62. Healing Grief with Expressive Drawing

63. Explore Age Regression

64. Self-Soothing for Emotional Overwhelm

65. Processing Difficult Emotions

66. Create an Experimental Art Journal

67. Art Journaling for Healing Trauma

68. Restoring Passion Through Expressive Movement

69. Art Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress

70. Exposure Journal Therapy to Reduce Fear

71. Understanding Transpersonal Therapy

72. Mindfulness for Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies

73. Healing Perfectionism

74. Physical Repetition to Calm Anxiety

75. Spontaneous Collage Scrap Journal

76. Freedom from Shame 

77. Healing Your Core Wound

78. 100 Faces Journal Project

79. Intuitive Found Poetry

80.  Express Your Vulnerable Inner Child

81. Healing Negative Intentions

82. Healing Sexual Distortions

83. Cultivate Concentration with Zen Painting

84. Practicing Forgiveness

85. Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

86. Understand Your Defense Mechanisms

87. Writing Healing Stories

88. Develop Heart Awareness by Writing Your Life Review

89. Integrating Your Shadow

90. Resolving Childhood Emotional Needs -

91. Write Your Own Fairy Tale

92. Journaling to Cultivate Joy

93. Keeping an Aspiration Journal

94. How to Heal Emotional Pain

95. Exploring Empowered Anger

96. Healing Fixations

97. Healing from Patterns of Emotional Abuse

98. Resolving Inner Conflict

99. Understanding Your Protector Selves

100. Positive Life Creation


A Course Participant Shares:

"I just want you to know that 100 Days Art Journal Therapy is the single most helpful thing I have done in treating depression, and I have a pretty amazing psychiatrist and therapist already.
You just explain things in a way that resonates with me on the deepest level. You truly are amazing, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work that you do. You will never know just how much your course has changed my life."
"It’s definitely not too late in life to dig deep, sort through, do some purging to refresh your inner being."

"When I started 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy I was very depressed. I was extremely pleased with the content, the artwork, the prompts and the mindful order of the days.

I have loved all the reading, writing and collaging - sometimes through tears and sometimes through outrageous laughter. My life is better for this therapeutic practice.

In thinking about where I started and where I am now, I am delighted with my progress.

I have begun socializing, going out to events of interest to me, and I am now playing music in my home again.

It’s definitely not too late in life to dig deep, sort through, do some purging to refresh your inner being. I am so much lighter."

Lorna S.

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You are the Change!

Because conventional psychology only works to heal on the level of the conscious cognitive mind, it does not often address the deeper roots of depression which is your disconnection from your authentic nature.

The simple fact is: you are both a conditioned human, and you have innate authenticity.

In this split between your conditioned mind and soul's truth, you will suffer psychologically and emotionally. Yet, you can access to the unconscious wellspring of symbolic imagery that will show you how to heal depression, and how to live into your highest potential.

"The course exceeded my expectations!"

"I have been making internal progress with healing trauma and wanted some physical support. I do not have the money for a therapist so I thought this might be helpful. The course exceeded my expectations!"

P. Conlan

This course is for you if:

1. You are a creative and spiritually sensitive woman who struggles with depression.

2. You are an artist who wants to take your creative practice into realms of deeper psychological understanding and emotional healing.

3. You are feeling stuck in the same boring, uninspired ways of doing things, and long to develop spontaneity in order to gain higher insight.

4. You want to explore an in-depth creative path to personal development and emotional healing.

5. You are a facilitator or therapist who wants to explore your own personal process through a wide variety of daily creative practices such as intuitive drawing and painting, spontaneous collage, storytelling, poetry, and authentic movement, in order to more deeply implement the processes with your clients and students.

A week's worth of self-guided art journal therapy is worth more than 3 months of face-to-face...it is free of external influence/judgment."

"I’m loving this course. I see it as a facilitated journey into one’s self to help navigate unfamiliar territory. I’ve been in face-to-face therapy with a clinical psychologist for 3 years and believe that a week's worth of this self-guided art journal therapy is worth more than 3 months of face-to-face. The beauty of this is that is truly between you and yourself. It teaches skills, it provokes thought, it activates intuition, facilitates mind exploration and is free of external influence/judgment."


Ready to heal your depression through authentic self-expression?

Art making processes include 100 days of intuitive drawing and painting, spontaneous collage, zen doodling for self-exploration, altered bookmaking, found poetry, wordplay, exploratory writing exercises and so much more.

Best Value!

3 Monthly Payments of $60

Enroll Now!

Best Savings!

A Onetime Payment of $147

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