Free Intuitive Creativity Challenge

Is your life feeling shallow, distracted, confusing or painful? If so, I invite you to explore three simple but profound intuitive art and writing exercises to help you to heal your shadow, amplify your intuition, and access inspiration!

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Free Intuitive Creativity Challenge

If you would like to explore simple and creative ways to heal your past, express your truth, and inspire your future, please join me for this three part video series!

What's inside?

Intuitive creativity is a powerful way to see what needs to heal from your past, so that you can feel at peace in the present moment, and envision a more inspiring future!

I used to have only sporadic access to my intuition. What got in the way of me experiencing reliable intuition to guide my life was the unhealed wounding from my past. 

Tapping into my intuition through spontaneous art and writing has provided me with a reliable way to see and heal my past wounding and to peacefully clarify my way forward toward my most inspiring life.

In this three day intuitive creativity challenge, I look forward to sharing how you can creatively see the wounds that need to heal, so that you can clearly envision and take action towards your most inspiring life! I hope you will join me!


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Workshop #1 

Explore Your Unconscious Mind - Your Shadow

In this workshop, we are going to explore your unconscious mind which hides the shadow parts of you that feel insecure, unacceptable, emotionally needy, ashamed or rejected through a simple form of intuitive collage.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that the Shadow could provide profound insight about the missing pieces of our character, and it could be damaging to our lives if not seen, acknowledged and integrated.

Repression, or the failure to embrace your Shadow creates psychological distress. And, your Shadow cannot be destroyed. Even if it is repressed into the dark basement of your psyche now, it will press up to the surface at some point in your life to create havoc, so that it must be healed.


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Workshop #2 

Explore Your Subconscious Mind - Your Intuition

Intuition is the invisible bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. Your intuition conveys information that you are not consciously aware of, and it is imbued with feelings. Therefore, a highly intuitive person will be capable of generating surprising insights without using a logical or rational thinking process.

Intuition comes from your instinct-based subconscious mind. Your intuition comes from your right brain and is connected to the reptilian (instinctive) and limbic (emotional) parts of your brain. This older brain system instinctively senses what feels right and wrong, true and false for you.

In this workshop, we will be exploring how to symbolize the information that is emerging from your growth edge, and how you can learn to read your inner symbols through intuitive painting!


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Workshop #3 

Explore Your Superconscious Mind - Your Inspiration

Your superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees beyond your material reality and taps into ideas that are inspiring! Inspiration lives in “the space between your thoughts”. And, while we need logical thoughts to navigate our human lives, it is in the gap between our thoughts where inspiration lives.

The superconscious is also where your highest creativity is found. Expressions of inspired creativity are different from the creativity that comes from your unconscious and subconscious minds. The unconscious and subconscious minds aim to help us to heal through adversity and navigate a fully functional human life.

The superconscious is where the greatest works of art, music, prose, poetry, scientific discoveries, and profound spiritual experiences are found. Profound healing of physical ailments can also take place in this inspired state.

In this workshop, we will explore an intuitive writing exercise to help you tap into higher inspiration and a greater vision for your life!


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Free Mini-Series

Tap into your intuitive creativity to find out what is stuck from the past and learn how to move forward with true inspiration!