Emotional Awareness

Many of us do not know our emotional truth. Yet, emotions demand recognition. Otherwise, they escalate or go underground. Gaining awareness of your emotions by symbolizing them in words and images is the beginning of healing depression.

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Do You Struggle with Depression?

‚ústAre you confused about¬†how to clear negative¬†emotions and are just continuing to bottle them up?¬†


‚úď Are you¬†struggling to change¬†your thoughts and behaviours, never getting to the roots of your depression?¬†


‚ústAre¬†you trying to dull,¬†ignore and suppress your¬†emotional pain¬†because¬†it seems like it will never go away?


‚ústAre your suppressed emotions attracting overwhelming life circumstances or conflicted relationships¬†that you would like to heal from the inside out?


... The Art of Healing Depression program will support you to heal the suppressed emotional pain that underpins depression in a deep, profound, and lasting way.


Do you struggle with depression?

‚úď Are you trying to change your thoughts and behaviours, never getting to the roots of your depression?

‚úď Are you confused about how to clear suppressed negative feelings and are continuing to bottle them up?

‚úď Are you attracting discomforting or overwhelming life circumstances that you would like to heal from the inside out?



A warm hello! I'm Shelley. As a creative woman and a depth-oriented psychotherapist, I have struggled with depression behind the scenes while raising my family and working full-time. And, I have found ways to heal depression in daily, creative and inspiring ways!


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Don't let depression limit your life any longer.









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Would you like to:

‚ěĒ Go deep inside your subconscious mind where negativity is held and release it?

‚ěĒ Be creatively surprised by your inner life and unconditionally accept every part of yourself?

‚ěĒ And FINALLY resolve your emotional pain for good so that you can access a higher, more inspired level of consciousness?

If so, I would love to support you! Through my own journey with depression, as well as working with hundreds of clients as a psychotherapist, I've dedicated my life to understanding all the components of healing depression, and I want to share my discoveries with you in my year-long program!

But how can you be free of depression, when nothing's worked for you in the past?

‚úďDid you know that depression can only be healed from¬†your right (creative) brain?

‚úď Did you know that healing depression for good takes a devoted long-term commitment?

‚úď Did you know that healing depression requires the ability to regularly enter a calm (Alpha) state?


... The Art of Healing Depression is a year-long comprehensive creative self-expression program combining daily art and writing directives with monthly video creative deepening sessions, and wise weekly video encouragement that will lead you to profound and lasting healing.


Daily drawing, writing, painting, and collaging

Learn how to create spontaneously to access your subconscious mind with daily expressive arts directives for a year. Discover experientially how daily spontaneous creativity "lightens" the shadow that causes depression.

Monthly masterclasses & art demos

Learn how to express intuitively from your right brain through monthly masterclasses that will support you to switch from your logical mind to your creative right brain, which is where all emotional healing happens.

Private community to share your art

Share your expressive art in a community within my private website classroom. No concerns about posting your personal expression on mainstream social media! Check in daily or weekly to receive support.

Are you ready to heal your depression in a creative, intuitive, and wholistic way?

Why common approaches to healing depression don't work:

‚ěĒ It is commonly believed if you visualize what you want intensely enough, your outer world will change accordingly, and your depression will heal, yet this is an outside-in approach to happiness.

‚ěĒ It is commonly believed that by focusing on positive thoughts, your negativity will be displaced and depression will heal, yet insistent positivity is a form of self-rejection.

‚ěĒ It is commonly believed that altered brain chemistry causes the depression, yet depression is actually the cause of altered brain chemistry.

‚ěĒ It is commonly believed that your left logical mind can decide to heal depression, when only the right intuitive brain knows how to heal depression.

‚ěĒ It is commonly believed that you must talk yourself out of how you feel in order to heal depression, when lovingly turning toward emotional pain whenever it arises is the only way to heal.

The Art of Healing Depression program will support you to:

‚ěĒ Become the artist of your own life and realize that what you are resisting in your outer life reflects self-rejection of the painful emotions inside. Because your outside world will never change before you do, you hold the power to transform from the inside-out.

‚ěĒ Understand how depression comes from whatever you do not accept about yourself, and have rejected and stored away in your subconscious mind and emotional pain body.

‚ěĒ Solidify how all chemical substances used to change brain chemistry and modify depression do nothing to resolve the suppressed negative emotions that cause depression. 

‚ěĒ Learn how daily (right-brained) spontaneous art and writing processes can regularly release the pain from your emotional pain body and subconscious mind.

‚ěĒ Love yourself profoundly accepting what feels painful inside is the power that transforms your inner world and releases you from depression. Loving yourself is the highest art!

What are the 3 common myths that
will keep you from healing depression?

You must identify your stressful life situations to discover why you are suffering from depression.

From a depth-creativity approach, the emotional triggers that come from outside stress and challenges can recognized as a reflection of yourself, which you can choose to transform from the inside-out.


You must identify distorted perceptions to heal depression.

It is impossible to logically heal depression. Intuitive (right-brained) insights about how you are wrongly perceiving life only come after you process the stored emotional pain in your body.


You must replace negative thought patterns with more constructive thoughts to heal depression.

Negative thoughts are actually an unconscious defense against feeling negative emotional energy trapped in the subconscious. Painful emotional energy must be expressed and released before thoughts can become naturally positive.

Imagine what it will feel like to:

  • Clear your blocks to creativity, love, success, money, and joy.
  • Amplify your intuition so that you can make inspiring decisions for your happiness
  • Feel content with who you are and what you have.
  • Reduce or wean off of chemical or herbal mood changers that take you away from feeling and integrating your suppressed and self-rejected emotions. (Please seek the advice of your doctor as you start to feel better)

What would it be worth to you, to have your energy back from the reservoir of suppressed painful emotions?


The real causes of depression...


Your Pain

Emotions are suppressed because they painful, and we want to avoid them. The subconscious, often referred to as the pain body, stores the rejected emotional energies that cause depression.

Your Subconscious 


Occupying 90% of your mind, so no matter how hard you affirm positivity, the subconscious easily overrules your conscious mind. This is why healing depression can be such a struggle.

Emotional Accumulation

Suppressed emotions do not diminish over time, even over long periods of time. On the contrary, because we usually habitually suppress the same negative emotions, they tend to get stronger with time.

Happiness Becomes Elusive

Suppressed negativity does not allow you to sustain happiness. When unprocessed negative emotions are not resolved they override your capacity to feel good. Spontaneous joy will thus be limited.

By the end of "The Art of Healing Depression" program you'll:

  • Identify and care for the suppressed and painful parts of yourself, and become freer of the confusion and exhaustion that comes from inner fragmentation. 
  • Become freer from chronic negative feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, loneliness, remorse, and neediness through practicing daily self-expression and self-acceptance.
  • Find a new direction and purpose in your life by using your negative emotions and experiences to awaken love, intuition and creativity.
  • Know how to use spontaneous creativity a form of self-therapy by awakening to the power of self-acceptance and self-love, as well as your higher centers of consciousness.

  • Move from a repressed/depressed condition to uncover and release painful emotions so that you are no longer attracting adversity, failure, accidents, and ultimately a breakdown of your physical body.

Take a look at what's inside:

Warm Up: Dive Deep Art Journal Challenge
  • DECIDE what most needs to heal right now
  • DEDICATE a journal to your process
  • DEVOTE yourself to loving what needs to heal.
Module 1: Emotional Awareness
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Photo Therapy
  • Expressive Poetry
  • Intuitive Collage¬†¬†
Module 2: Emotional Regulation
  • Bloom into Collage
  • Intuitive Mandala Meditations
  • Intuitive Painting
Module 3: Emotional Expression
  • Healing Difficult Emotions with Expressive Art
  • Healing Grief with Art and Writing
  • Healing Trauma with Intuitive Art 
Module 4: Emotion Reflection
  • Symbolic Journeys
  • Morning Pages - Inspiration
  • Morning Pages - Authenticity
  • Morning Pages - Passion 
Module 5: Emotional Transformation
  • Creative Abundance
  • Affirmative Collage
  • Expressive Arts Play

* PLUS *

I'm offering you two BONUS courses for a limited time to ensure you have a deep transformation this year!

Heal Your Inner Child Mini Course

Psychotherapist Carl Jung wrote:

"It is of course impossible to free yourself from your own childhood without devoting a great deal of work to it... Nor can it be achieved through intellectual knowledge only; what alone is effective is a remembering that is also a re-experiencing."

Jungian inspired therapy focuses on creating wholeness within. Wholeness happens when you join your conscious mind with your unconscious mind. In this mini course, you will be invited to go deep within your mind and heart to begin touching into your inner child parts of self.

In this mini-course you will be invited to explore your memories through writing, expressive drawing and movement to see what your inner child wants to communicate with you.

Worth $49

The Self-Love Commitment

Imagine committing to loving ALL of yourself EVERY DAY, for an ENTIRE YEAR. Heal depression more rapidly through powerful daily self-love practices and weekly video meditations based on the psycho-spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles. Includes daily self-love lessons and weekly audio meditations.

Worth $499

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Here's what's included in
The Art of Healing Depression

With This Year-Long Program You'll Get:

1. Over 365 daily expressive art and writing directives included within 18 courses with over 20 PDF guidebooks and over 25 instructional videos + weekly Q&A videos to regularly inspire your depression healing journey.

2. Private Community where you can share your art and writing, and get all your questions answered. 

3. 12 Monthly Creative Deepening Sessions to learn how to access the healing power of your right creative brain including in-depth video instruction, meditations and intuitive art demonstrations.


‚¨áÔłé YOUR SALE PRICE¬†UNTIL June 2 ‚¨áÔłé


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12 Monthly Payments


A Message from Shelley

If you have long been struggling with mysterious and indefinable emotional pain that seems to repeat, bother you and flare up to sometimes unbearable levels, it might seem easier to just suppress and repress it, trying to make it go away through distraction, stuffing or sedation. Unfortunately, as you well know, intentional suppression and unconscious repression of emotions cause depression.

Because emotions are meant to be energy in motion, it is profoundly helpful to have a daily practice of moving them through the body, but it is easy to get bored, stuck, and fall back into old patterns of familiar pain and limitation especially when you do not have fresh ideas and inspiration easily on hand.

I must say, that the healing of my own depression has been a long, poetic, colourful unfolding path of mystery, and it has not fit into a linear static formula of cognitive and behavioural change as popular psychology typically suggests. Healing depression is a spontaneous, creative right-brained process. And, the multitudes of spontaneous art and writing directives in this year-long course have all been personally tested in my own depression healing process, as well as with many others over the past 15 years.

And, in order for my intuitive art and writing directives to properly land, your right creative/emotional brain will need to be accessed. This is why in this program, I offer you monthly Creative Deepening video sessions. These sessions will support you to switch out of your left logical mind and into your right brain and body which is where all of your suppressed and repressed emotions live.

In the monthly Creative Deepening video sessions, I will lead you into a more relaxed right-brained state, and demonstrate a variety of creative practices. You will be guided to express what is suppressed deep in your body, and your old and painful ways of being will slowly start to diminish.

For the main part of your daily coursework, I created¬†over a year‚Äôs worth of daily spontaneous art and writing invitations¬†while I was working full-time, so even if you lead a very busy life, you can still take¬†15‚Äď30 minutes a day¬†to¬†release¬†the emotional pain that has remained unprocessed¬†from the past.

And, you will receive weekly video guidance revealing the deepest secrets for healing depression that I recommend to my private therapy clients, so that can feel inspired and encouraged to maintain your healing practices all year long!

You are not meant to feel bottled up, confused, and unaware of what you feel, need and want in your life! I look forward to you joining me in this sacred creative container of unconditional acceptance and love so that you can release and heal your emotional pain body on deeper levels than you could do alone.

Welcoming you to join me!

Still Have Questions?

Please check out the most frequently asked ones below...

Are you ready to transform depression from the inside-out?

It is not your thoughts or your beliefs that cause depression. It is the built-up energy of suppressed emotions in your subconscious that is responsible for your depression.

Depression results when emotional pain suppression has accumulated to high levels. When you cut yourself off from painful emotions, you obscure positive feelings as well, including basic well-being.

If you feel lost, blocked disoriented, alienated from yourself, and without purpose (in other words, depressed) please join me for a profound year of spontaneous self-expression and monthly masterclasses to learn how to clear your emotional pain body and recover your innate joy!


I'll see you on the inside!

ūüĎČ Yes! I Want to Save $300 and Pay in Full!

Are you ready to transform yourself from the inside-out?

It is not your thoughts or your beliefs that cause depression. It is the built-up energy of suppressed feelings in your subconscious that is responsible for your depression. 

Depression results when subconscious suppression has accumulated to high levels. When you cut yourself off from painful feelings, you obscure positive feelings as well, including basic well-being.

If you feel lost, blocked disoriented, alienated from yourself, and without purpose – in other words, depressed, please join my for a profound year of spontaneous self-expression, and live creative deepening sessions to clear your pain body and recover your innate joy!

I'll see you on the inside!

ūüĎČ Yes! I'm Ready