Inner Child Therapy

30 In-Depth Worksheets


The Lifelong Journey of Self-Parenting

Most of us arrive into adulthood practically functional but psychologically and emotionally dysfunctional, unknowingly repeating childhood pain patterns. It is also common to marry or fall in love with people who mirror the dysfunctionality from our past, hoping to right old wrongs.

Adulthood can feel like a perpetual second childhood until painful patterns are interrupted, questioned and healed. Not many people grow up to full maturity in their lifetime. We all carry deep core wounds into our adult life.

And, even if you had a good childhood, your parents probably only saw and nurtured a few aspects of your original being. These gaps in nurturance, recognition and attention create the emotional wounds that make it difficult to fully function in adult life.

So, once your childhood is over, and the deep neural pathways are laid down in your brain, it is up to you as an adult to self-parent your original childhood self on a daily basis in a way that feels warm, consistent, nurturing and kind.

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Depth Therapy WorksheetsĀ 

Process your emotional pain and overwhelm through expressive art, meditation and journal writing techniques. These worksheets are effective for the healing of pervasive pain of the inner child aspects of self.

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6 Principles of Healing

1. Awareness of emotion, 2. Emotional expression, 3. Regulation of emotion, 4. Reflection on created beliefs from past experiences, 5. Transformation of emotion. 6. Corrective experience of emotion.

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Enjoy 30 in-depth therapy worksheets to support you to slowly release your emotional pain in safe, powerful and wisely structured ways. These worksheets are for you if you want to do self-therapy to heal your inner child.

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child Will Support You:

To become less triggered by stressful events in your current life.

To suffer less, and to deeply bond with your inner child.

To clear and resolve unfinished emotional business from the past.

To embody your emotional intelligence so that you can access your intuition enough to navigate the problems in your life.

To set healthy boundaries and become less codependent, more self-reliant, and discerning of the people you invite into your life.

To feel safe and supported by your inner guidance in each present moment.

To feel good enough, and worthy of love and respect from yourself and others.


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1. Inner Child Meditation

2. Focusing in the Body

3. Needs Journal

4. How Old Are You?

5. How Addictions Mask Emotions

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6. Inner Child Calming

7. Creative Practices for Emotional Overwhelm

8. Calming Fear

9. Your Inner Critic

10. Healing Negative Mind

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11. Processing Triggers

12. Writing from the Body

13. Inner Child Change

14. Unburdening Your Inner Child

15. Releasing Rituals

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16. Exploring Memory

17. Ancestral Healing

18. Integrating Your Lost Selves

19. Trauma and Shamanic Tests

20. Write Your Autobiography

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21. Good Mother & Good Father Messages

22. The Purpose of Emotional Pain

23. Understanding Emotional Development

24. Expansive Gratitude Journal

25. Proper Use of Positive Affirmations

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26. 50 Truths about Negative Emotions

27. Defining Boundaries and Values

28. Defining Core Values

29. Discovering Life Purpose

30. Passion Test

Heal Your Inner Children

"All the fractured parts of our mind have their own logic and thought systems. They want different things, and they are expressions of different personalities.

Some of these parts are emotionally arrested or stunted from the trauma that caused the fracture. There is not one inner child, there are many, and they are all emotionally arrested."

~ Chuck Spezzano

Slowly release your emotional pain from childhood in safe, powerful and wisely structured ways.

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Praise for the Worksheets

"Without a doubt, your thoughtfulness when preparing the program, and the calm, nurturing manner of the lessons made it easy for me to work through at my pace. I will always remember what I've learned. I've already recommended it to others. Even if someone had not experienced true trauma the insight work is worth the time."