From Emotional Overwhelm to

Clear Intuition

If you think that you don't have the time for emotional healing practices, I am here to support you. As a depth-oriented psychotherapist and educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, I specialize in designing inspiring creative healing practices that can easily be completed every day.

Expressing yourself honestly each and every day can clear a lifetime of accumulated repression and depression. Life becomes so much easier once your emotional life is digested and stabilized. And, when you clear your emotional density, your intuitive gifts become steadily available!



All of my expressive art and writing therapy directives are sensitively aware that your life experience might feel emotionally overwhelming.

As an emotional empath, that has struggled with depression, I know firsthand how overwhelming life can feel especially if you are not fully expressing your needs, desires and unique truth.

If you are a highly sensitive, empathic woman who still has unhealed core wounds from childhood, I can support you to heal depression through innovative and profound self-expression and spiritual practices.


You might fear going out front and being different from the crowd without quite knowing why. If you feel depressed, you are most likely repressing your greatness and ignoring your highest potential. Many women avoid giving their true gifts to life due to familial, religious or patriarchal programming. 

Even highly achieving women suffer from periodic bouts of depression, crushing self-doubt and periods of despair especially if their high performance is driven by negative self-talk and the fear of never being good enough.

In my professional experience, depression is often a refusal to live with creativity and authenticity. Depression is a resistance to the truth of how your true life needs to best unfold for your optimal growth. If this sounds like you, join me for a free creative journey into your visionary potential called Visionary Art Cards!

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