Spiritual Ascension

Your soul expresses through your heart. And, your personality expresses through your mind. Spiritual ascension begins when you integrate your head with your heart.

Your Soul Comes Through Your Heart

Your life purpose, in a general sense, is to integrate your personality with your soul. When your personality takes direction from your heart (though your intuition) your soul can creatively express into your human life.

Intuition is your soul's native language. Typically, it can take many years to identify the differences between your personality's language and your soul's language. Learning your soul's language requires pausing often, dropping into your heart, and waiting for intuitive guidance.

Your Personality Shadow

Most people in the world are caught up in the distractions of the physical world. They think and act solely from their conditioned human personality.

When your personality is running your life, you will feel devoid of meaning and purpose. Without a strong connection to your heart, you will also feel vulnerable to negative energies such as jealousy, spite, vindictiveness, and cruelty.

Without your soul flowing steadily through your human personality, you can attract life experiences that are destructive, shocking, and even abusive. This creates discord, misalignment and shame in the personality.

Your negative life experiences accumulate in your shadow. This is because the personality hides what is embarrassing. And at first, the personality does not want to take responsibility for its choices. For this reason, there are lots of unlearned life lessons hiding in the shadow!

The Shadow Needs Love and Understanding

It is possible to wallow in the shadow for years, convinced that you are a bad person, have terrible luck, or that life is out to get you. The unhealed shadow thinks life is cruel, and it projects and attracts meanness. It is sobering to recognize the cruelty in ourselves and others when we become disconnected from our hearts.

The good news is your soul can heal your human personality. You can comfort your anxiety, embarrassment and shame by turning towards what feels painful inside with the warmth of your own loving heart.


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