Your Sensual Body

"Just as there is no substitute for original works of art, there is no substitute for the world of direct sensual experience."

~ Paul Mellon

When you clear away your socially conditioned habits from the past, the sensual nature of your body can emerge. As you let go of what has been conditioned in your mind, the heightened awareness of your body's needs and desires will be revealed.

Consider that we are all born embodied. As babies, we sensed ourselves and others through our bodies. When a baby is hungry she cries. When a baby is full she stops eating. When overstimulated the baby pulls away. As babies, we knew exactly what we needed through our body senses.

Spontaneous creative practices offer a chance for you to observe what wants to be freed up in your body. The aim of spontaneity is to release tension in your body by reconfiguring constricting socialized patterns into freedom.

As you free yourself, through expressive art or any other body-engaged freeing practices, you can live with more innate sensuality, moving and relating from a place of body sensitivity, connectivity, and playful ease.

Once you restore authentic connection with your body, you can nourish yourself from deep within instead of endlessly searching outside yourself for fulfillment. Freer from tension and internal conflict, your body can express more sensuality, energy and life!


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