The Law of Mental Equivalent

We are all here on earth to learn how to out-picture our higher creative visions. A mental equivalent is a mental image or a simple phrase that expresses your vision fulfilled.

To demonstrate the Law of Mental Equivalent it is best to find a statement or a phrase, and repeat it unchanged until it out-pictures in your physical reality.

To put this Universal Law to use, decide upon what the mental equivalent of your desire would be. If you decide to use a phrase, create one that implies that your wish is already fulfilled in the present moment, and not in the future.

If your mental equivalent would rather take the form of an image then decide what your image look like. Remember to choose one specific image that will not change until it is out-pictured in your physical life.

Demonstrating Your Creative Power

To prove your creative power, decide upon one thing that you would like to out-picture. Consider out-picturing what would represent your finest health, prosperity or freedom, for example. Also, contemplate your true place in life, your life purpose, and then decide on one thing to focus upon.

Consider holding this one thing in mind until it out-pictures - kind of like a science experiment or a fun creative project. In three months time, after holding your vision repeatedly in mind, observe what you have created in your life.

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Remember, if you want to change a condition in your life, you must change your thought about it, and keep it changed. This means if you want health you must cease thinking about sickness, and focus your thoughts on health instead.

Experiment with changing your thought about just one thing in your life, and keep it changed - not just for a few hours or a few days, but permanently. When you do, you will build a new mental equivalent in your physical life.

Don't Give Up!
This process of building a mental equivalent in mind is not easy. This is because holding one higher thought or image consistently in mind will bring up all your subconscious fears to the contrary. This is why most people give up on their visions.

Whatever you concentrate upon will bring its mental equivalent into your life. And, it is helpful to know that concentration does not mean that you have to strain with every ounce of your willpower.

Instead, imagine focusing softly upon on a beautiful object. Peacefully contemplate this beautiful object without strained effort. This is how your chosen mental equivalent can seamlessly appear in your life when the time is exactly right.


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