From Shame to Dignity

"Practicing self-love means learning to be kind and affectionate toward ourselves." 

~ Brene Brown

Shame is so painful, many people go to great lengths to avoid acknowledging that they feel shame. In spite of its universality, shame often is denied.

Do you recognize shame in yourself? Shame has a voice that says, “I’m not good enough. There must be something wrong with me. I must be unworthy of love and belonging.”

Shame creates a freeze state and is perhaps the most painful of all emotions.

The deepest root of shame is self-rejection. So, complete self-acceptance is crucial to resolving shame.

Shame expresses itself through the inner critic and perfectionism. As you come to accept yourself exactly as you are, shame will release its painful grip.

How to Accept Yourself

1. Set an intention. Self-acceptance begins with intention to love and accept yourself just as you are.
2. Self-love list. Write down one thing that you love about yourself every day. Consider how creative or kind you are. Consider the goals you have accomplished and the challenges you have overcome.
3. Choose an encouraging mantra. To break the patterns of shame it is important to encourage instead of criticize yourself. Create a self-encouraging statement that soothes your nervous system such as, "I completely accept myself." Or, "I love who I am."
4. Express your dignity. Visualize the dignity of your highest self. Consider how you could walk, talk and act with dignity. Contemplate what your soul's unique nobility and worth feels like, and powerfully emanate it throughout your life.


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