Shadow Integration Process

The word "shadow" was coined by psychotherapist Carl Jung to describe the rejected and denied parts of the psyche. Shadow integration is a process of bringing the hidden parts of your self up into the light of your present-moment consciousness to be loved.

To begin the shadow integration process, you must sense inside for your unaccepted parts of self. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Sit in Silence: Because we live in a world that encourages distraction, being unconscious of our rejected parts of self is common. So, to do your shadow work you must be willing to sit in silence - free from distractions - and sense into what feels alienated inside you. 

2. Welcome the Darkness: As you sit in silence, whatever has been delegated to the basement of your psyche will start to rise up to the surface of your awareness to be accepted and loved. In your silence you might hear unfamiliar thoughts, feel uncomfortable feelings, or notice a sore place in your body that is calling for your kind attention.

3. Stay With Your Discomfort: Your shadow will first communicate non-verbally through emotions. Be prepared to sit with your strong emotions to find out what they want to communicate to you. As you stay present with your uncomfortable emotions, be open to vague impressions that might come through imagery, memories, sounds, colours and feeling tones.

4. Name Your Emotions: Your emotions are a form of non-verbal communication and finding words for your emotions brings them into the light of your conscious awareness. See if you can find words for what your emotions are telling you.

5. Stream of Consciousness Art and Writing: A great way to do shadow work is to name and write down your emotions as you’re experiencing them. Or, if you prefer, you can create spontaneous art in response to what your emotions need to express. Stream-of-consciousness art and writing provides an uncensored way to see and listen to your shadow.


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