Resetting Your Nervous System

"There is no limit to what great and beautiful things the human being can create with the power of a balanced mind."    

~ Paul Odafe Akpomuka

Do you know that you can somatically reset your agitated nervous system when you feel unbalanced by the stresses of life? Here are three of my favourite ways to reset myself from a "fight/flight" nervous system state into a feeling of calm.

A Deep Sigh
: A deep sigh is your body-brain’s way of releasing tension and resetting your nervous system into calm. All you need to do is breathe in fully, and breathe out fully. Breathe longer on the exhalation while making a sighing sound.

Hand on Heart
: Placing your hand over your heart can profoundly soothe your mind and body. Put a gentle hand on your heart and breathe a sense of safety and love into your heart center.

Remember this pattern of touching your heart to cue love and safety. Whenever you feel emotionally triggered, touch your heart and say, "I am safe. I am loved." With steady practice you can soothe an emotional upset before it hijacks your entire being.

Empowered Posture
: You can also change your emotions by shifting your body posture. Pay attention to your body posture when you feel fear, for example. When you are afraid, shift your posture by holding your head high and straightening your spine.


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