How to Hear Your Intuition

“Your inner knowing is your only true compass.” ~ Joy Page

In this healing reflection, I offer three ways to soften your personality structure in order to better hear your intuition. First, ask a question. And then, prepare to hear an intuitive answer.

Opening to Intuition

: Relax, soften and cultivate neutrality. As you sit with your question, do what you need to do to release physical tension and suspend negative self-talk.

Listen Beyond
: When you ask a big question, you have to become brand new. So, rather than turning towards familiar thoughts, listen beyond your personality structure for an innovative solution.

: If you are struggling and pushing for an answer to your question, it will not come. Intuitive answers only arrive at a higher frequency of feeling.

So, see if you can feel appreciation for something good in your life. Pull yourself up into a better feeling state, and ask your question again. Cultivate a sincere willingness to receive a surprising answer.


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