From Depression to Elation

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." 

~ Marianne Williamson

Our bodies hold unresolved emotional issues until we process and release them. Depression is caused by an accumulation of negative thoughts, unprocessed adverse experiences, old unhealed wounds, present life struggles, and future worries.

Take a look at the two lists below to see if you are feeling dark and depressed or light and elated.


1. You feel stuck.
2. You are emotionally reactive.
3. You struggle with fatigue.
4. You have a more self-centered view of the world.
5. You struggle with hopelessness and despair.
6. You feel physically unfit and unhealthy.
7. You find it hard to forgive yourself and others.
8. You feel guilty or ashamed.
9. You find it hard to see the beauty in life.
10. You are overly cynical and skeptical.
11. You have a tendency to be argumentative.
12. You feel the urge to complain a lot.
13. You focus primarily on the negative in life.
14. You struggle to feel gratitude.
15. You crave junk food.
16. You are needy or demanding of others.


1. You are creative and overflowing with inspiration.
2. You are highly intuitive.
3. You feel emotionally balanced.
4. You feel connected to life, love, and divinity.
5. You laugh and love easily.
6. You regularly feel appreciation and gratitude.
7. You are self-disciplined.
8. You are in-tune with your body and its needs.
9. You nurture yourself and others.
10. You experience synchronicity.
11. You live in the present more than the past or future.
12. Your body feels strong and healthy.
13. You feel confident
14. You forgive yourself and other people easily.
15. You have found your calling in life.
16. You are open to many types of people, ideas, beliefs and experiences.


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