Creating From Your Soul

What is spiritual creativity? Spiritual creativity emerges when you aspire to live according to the will of your soul. Creating from the will of your soul is not the same as the creative endeavours that are generated by your personality.

If you are spiritually dedicated you can choose to consciously create from your soul. This requires that you sense into your soul’s intention. Spiritual creativity vertically perceives what your soul wants to horizontally express in this world.

Opening to Inspiration
In the first stage of the process, the soul asserts an impression into the personality-mind. This is not easy for the soul, as the human mind is often clouded, confused, distracted or conflicted. Soul inspired impressions are typically very subtle, and so ways must be made for the human mind to quiet down, open up, and wait for inspiration.

Elaboration of Thought
In the second stage of the spiritual creative process you will need to build concrete thoughts around the idea that your soul has projected into your human mind. From the original soul impression, it is important to build practical ideas about how to make it real.

Minimizing Distortion
Distortions will inevitably occur within the spiritual creative process. There is always something lost when the human personality attempts to give physical form to that which is intuitive and without form.

So, the challenge facing the spiritual creator is to minimize the degree of distortion. How do you divinely create with as little distortion as possible? It is essential to practice staying clearheaded and pure of heart.

Amplifying Emotion
The next step in the process is to join your thoughts with your emotions. Human emotions play a crucial role in the spiritual creative process. Through enthusiastic emotions your soul's thought forms gain the necessary energy to become tangible in the world.

The aim of spiritual creativity is to feel strongly about your idea. Passionate emotions add necessary vitality to spiritually inspired thoughts. Essentially, the waters of your emotions must bathe your soul-inspired thoughts, imbuing them with a sense of emotional conviction.

You may have had the personal experience of coming up with a good idea that never came into being because you did not add emotional vitality to it. When a soul-inspired idea is not given enough emotional (water) vitality, it will “die of thirst.”

Conversely, if a soul inspiration is given too much emotional charge, it “drowns” in a flood of watery emotion. When you become overly enthusiastic about an inspired idea, and rush into frenzied activity to execute it, you can prematurely burn out and fail to manifest your idea.

Intuitive Timing
Intuition comes in the form of a sudden knowingness. Through your intuition, your soul will communicate when and how to outwardly present your idea to the world. This is the final phase of the spiritual creative process. Right timing ensures that your creation will have a healthy birth into the outer world.


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