A Year of Expressive Art and Writing

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Please Note: This program is for you if you are a reasonably functioning woman who struggles with anxiety and depression behind the scenes of your work, family and social life. This online program is not suitable if you are struggling to practically function, have an unaddressed trauma history, are experiencing suicidal ideation, or are suffering from clinical depression. Please seek specialized one-to-one support instead.


Emotional Healing for Your Inner Child

Because inner child pain is deeply conditioned in your brain and body, it can feel difficult to see, hear and heal.

These repressed shadow parts of self fuel the emotional pain that creates depression.

This is why it is so helpful to mirror your deeper unconscious back to yourself through expressive art and writing.

This prolific year-long program provides an expressive art or writing exercise every day, to support you to see, accept and heal your repressed and rejected aspects of self, so you can finally live with freedom and joy.

What is Emotional Processing 

& Why Would You Want to Do it?

This is a year-long emotional processing course to support you to heal the cyclical depression or ongoing depression that stops you from living your best life. Emotional processing through expressive art and writing is a form of creative self-inquiry into the parts of you that are hurting, and the parts of you that long to live a bigger life.

The term to process means to examine and inquire deeply into the nature of your historically conditioned and unbalanced inner child pain patterning with the intention of finding and clearing out what is troubling you.

Processing your depressed thoughts and emotions helps you to become clear-minded, emotionally happy, and rooted in the joy of your true life direction. 




Increasing awareness of your emotions, and naming what you feel, is the first goal in healing depression. Once you know what you feel, you can reconnect to your deepest needs for well-being.



The second stage of  healing depression involves nervous system regulation. Since it is common to feel anxious when a vulnerable emotion is arising, calming your anxiety must precede processing the heavier and harder emotions.



When you learn to tolerate emotional experiences for longer periods of time, your depression will reveal its painful beliefs. As you grow in compassionate witnessing awareness, your emotional "pain body" will gradually lose its uncomfortable charge.



Symbolizing your emotions in words and art can help you to make meaning of your depression. Self-reflection helps to create strength-based meaning about the higher purpose of your wounds, losses and traumas.



Practicing higher feelings today transforms lower depressing thoughts and emotions anchored from the past. Painful feelings can be transformed by happy feelings, not by deliberately looking on the bright side, but by new embodied positive experiences will undo depressed neurochemistry, physiology, and conditioned experiences.



Beneath your "problem stories" are hidden skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In narrative therapy, you will learn how to listen for indications of strength within life stories that are saturated with problems.

Journal Therapy

Inspiration lives on the other side of your troubled emotions. Clear out deep pockets of emotional pain to make room for more inspired creativity. Contemplate three questions a day to spark the radical honesty that is needed for positive change.



Before you can consistently access your intuition you will need to travel back through the trail of unfelt emotions that you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. Gain more insight into your inner depths with a daily ten-minute intuitive collage.



In every moment your emotions want to move in a particular way. Unblocking this movement through imagery and spontaneous poetry is a simple daily practice that is easy to maintain in the midst of a busy life.



Emotional suppression dysregulates your hormones, releases neurotoxins into the blood, tightens your fascia, and stiffens your muscles. Releasing stored emotions with intuitive painting can help your body feel more fluid, liquid and alive.



Are you struggling with  a challenging problem that you do not know how to solve? If so, it is profoundly helpful to take a break from your troubled mind and focus on the beauty of your outer world through photo therapy every day.



We have all been wounded, and our gifts are buried below trauma, oppression, and shame. As you travel along the evolutionary path of your life purpose, your core wounds from childhood will come up more strongly than ever before. 

Your core wounds typically reactivate as soon as you try to step into your biggest self. Core wounds can hold you back; but they also be something that initiates you to a deeper experience of Self and connection to others.

I design innovative art and writing techniques to help you heal your core wounds from childhood, so that you can become the amazing creator you are meant to be. When you uncover your gifts and share them with others, you will become free from depression.

I am a depth-oriented psychotherapist, and an expressive arts educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

If you are a functional woman who struggles with depression behind the scenes, I can support you to heal your core emotional wounds, so that you can finally live from the clarity of your intuition, free from doubt, worry, self-negation and pain.