Heal Depression with

Visionary Self-Expression!

"Who am I...really?" In times of emotional overwhelm and depression, this is the most profound question you could ask yourself.

This 5-day visionary art course will support you to make positive changes in your negative conception of yourself through art, writing and neuroscience.

By the end of this course, you will have aĀ vision of the inspired person you need to become in order to heal your depression.

Art + Neuroscience...

This five-dayĀ course will support you to create a series of visionary art cards that will help your brain to anchor a healed and inspired vision of yourself.

Using the principles of neuroscience combined with visionary art and affirmative writing, I look forward to sharing how you can resculpt your brain away from the unconscious habit of depression andĀ create a joyful future!

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