Imagine committing toĀ LOVING ALL ofĀ YOURSELF EVERY DAY, for an ENTIRE YEAR! Heal depression more rapidly through powerful daily self-love practices and weekly video meditations based on the psycho-spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles.

Heal Depression with Self-Love

The key to healing depression is to build a strong connection to self-love that is more powerful than your fear, guilt or shame. This is difficult to do without a dedicated daily spiritual practice. To heal depression for good, you will need a consistent connection to self-love in order to completely heal the hurting and alienated aspects of yourself.

The powerful daily practices and insightful weekly audio meditations and conversations in this year-long course will help you to heal the deepest spiritual roots of your depression so that you can embody genuine self-love and self-confidence.

Here's the Problem

It is common to abandon parts of ourselves that feel unforgivable or lacking in strength or goodness. When we become depressed our brain patterns and brain biology shift, and we begin to perceive life through the lens of sadness and hopelessness.

Many people seek Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to heal depression which is a surface method of change. This form of therapy modifies thought patterns to help change moods and behaviours without addressing the spiritual power of self-love and self-forgiveness to depression for good.

In depression, we are pulled under by shadows and fragmented parts of ourselves that we cannot see, forgive, and integrate. It takes tremendous strength to rise out of a depression. Without a daily spiritual practice that amplifies self-love, it is so easy to drown in sadness and self-negation, struggling to stay above water.

Here's the Solution

It is very difficult to heal depression without daily spiritual support that is more powerful than the downward spiral of depressive thinking. The structured daily spiritual practices in this year-long course, along with weekly video meditations will help you to stay dedicated to healing depression in a way that is powerful and permanent.

When you practice self-love with dedication, you will discover how to interrupt unconscious pain patterns, so that you will not have to revisit past painful traumas over and over again.

This program is not for spiritually bypassing yet unexamined emotional pain. It is for women who have done years of emotional pain processing, and still cannot completely heal deeply depressive pain patterns.

Healing depression with spiritual inspiration, elevated emotions and daily dedicated practices to love yourself completely, will help you to actualize your visionary potentials, instead of being hijacked by the negative subconscious pain programs from the past.

* Please Note: This course offers a non-Christian approach to spirituality and focuses primarily on disassembling the hurting and separate ego system so that you can feel more connected to the healing wisdom of your soul.

"Never be afraid to reveal who you really are, regardless of what anyone thinks. As a magnificent force of light, your purest Self is needed in a world shadowed with illusion."

Daily Lessons

Daily self-love practices from A Course in Miracles specifically focused on healing depression.

Weekly Meditations

Weekly meditations to deeply anchor the key points in the course. Learn how to heal depression with spiritual support.

Ready to get started?

Visionary artist, Judith Cornell said it best, "Our everyday consciousness, which experiences duality, continually polarizes us if we are not steeped in a disciplined spiritual practice. A divided mind keeps us believing more deeply in external reality than in the truth that we are really souls in a physical body with tremendous power to heal and feel joy."

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