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This comprehensive expressive arts e-course will support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous art and writing. Learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain with 100 diverse depth-oriented expressive art directives and writing prompts.

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The Art of Healing Depression

This prolific year-long program provides an expressive art or writing exercise every day, as well as a Monthly Live Creative Deepening Session, and Pop-Up Q&A sessions to support you to see and heal depression, so you can finally live a life free of pain from the past!

Content you'll receive:

  • 50 ways to dive deep into a 30 day healing journaling practice
  • 30 days of Narrative Therapy practice

  • 10 days of Photo Therapy practice

  • 10 days of Expressive Poetry practice

  • 15 days of Intuitive Collage practice

  •  5 days of Intuitive Mandala video demonstrations

  • 30 days of Intuitive Painting practice

  •  3 days of Bloom Into Collage video demonstrations

  •  7 weeks of Healing Grief practices

  • 30 days of Healing Trauma with Intuitive Art

  • 15 days Healing Difficult Emotions with Expressive Art

  • 40 days of Symbolic Journeys (understanding the symbology of images)

  • 90 days of Morning Pages writing

  • 30 days of Expressive Arts Play
  •  30 days of Affirmative Collage

  • 40 days - Creative Abundance Art Challenge 

This comprehensive course has a supportive community so that you can share your art and writing with Shelley and others if you choose.

Money-back Guarantee: You have 30 Days to try out this program, and if you are not satisfied, email me within the 30 days and I will refund your money.