Healing Through Difficult Relationships

This intuitive writing course will support you to heal personal pain triggers stemming from your most challenging relationships. Difficult relationships can create intense emotional pain, and over time generate entrenched nervous system dysregulation. Learn how to find self-empowerment and personal purpose through the mirror of your most challenging relationships.

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Are You Struggling with Someone You Care About?

Do you feel hopeless and helpless about a relationship in your life?

Do you feel unresolved in your heart because you cannot seem to heal a relational difficulty?

Are you struggling within a dysfunctional relationship that takes up a great deal of anxious space in your mind and heart?

Do you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship dynamic that is stopping you from moving forward in your life?

Are you struggling with ongoing guilt and shame about a relationship that you would like to come to deep peace about?

Would you like to release frustration and anger by seeing how your difficult relationships are helping you to see and heal your emotional unfinished business?

Stop Delaying Your Personal Growth

Learn how relationship issues can powerfully delay your personal growth, and how to overcome these delays even when the person you are in conflict with refuses to change for the better.

Come to Peace With Your Relationship

Learn how to heal and come to peace with relational difficulties interpersonally if possible, or if not possible, deep within yourself.

Learn How to Communicate Better

Learn how to understand the deeper levels of your difficult relationship dynamics, and how to better communicate with the person you are struggling with - if possible.

As Within So Without

This intuitive writing course will support you to heal the personal pain triggers stemming from your most difficult relationships. Sometimes this depth-oriented healing work can create profound shifts in your outer relationships, and sometimes it can support you to step away from dysfunctional relating and step towards who you are really meant to become.

Because it is impossible to change other people, you can do your own emotional healing work through the mirror of your most difficult relationships, and come to profound peace and purpose. Using depth therapy practices of healing through deep written self-reflection, imagination, and intuitive integration, it is completely possible to heal your side of a difficult relationship from within.

The course includes 30 in-depth writing worksheets available immediately. Please see a sample of the first lesson HERE.