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Difficult relationships can create intense emotional pain, and over time generate entrenched nervous system dysregulation. Learn how to find self-empowerment and personal purpose through the mirror of your most challenging relationships.

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Inner Child Therapy Worksheets

Process your emotional pain and overwhelm through expressive art, meditation and journal writing techniques. 

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child Will Support You:

To become less triggered by stressful events in your current life.

To suffer less, and to deeply bond with your inner child.

To clear and resolve unfinished emotional business from the past.

To embody your emotional intelligence so that you can access your intuition enough to navigate the problems in your life.

To set healthy boundaries and become less codependent, more self-reliant, and discerning of the people you invite into your life.

To feel safe and supported by your inner guidance in each present moment.

To feel good enough, and worthy of love and respect from yourself and others.

These worksheets are for people who want to do self-therapy to heal their inner child. Therapists are also welcome to use these worksheets for clients. Please include links to my name and website.