$147.00 USD

100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

Traditional therapy can fail to address your deepest dilemmas when it does not access your visionary potentials. To heal the deepest roots of emotional pain you need to gain access to the inspiring and encouraging imagery that arises from your creative unconscious mind.

  • This Course is For:

    1. Art journalers who want to take their creative practice into realms of deeper psychological understanding.

    2. Creative and spiritually sensitive people who fight depression and struggle with emotional pain.

    3. Practical people who feel stuck in the same boring, uninspired ways of doing things, and long to develop spontaneity in order to gain higher insight.

    4. Anyone who wants to explore an in-depth creative path to personal development and emotional healing.

    5. Expressive arts facilitators and therapists who want to explore their own personal process through a wide variety of daily creative practices such as intuitive drawing and painting, spontaneous collage, storytelling, poetry, and authentic movement, in order to more deeply implement the processes with clients and students.

There is a large amount of deep healing information in this course. Please know that with your lifetime access to the course, you can choose to go at your own pace and there is no need to complete a lesson a day.