Depth Therapy 


This depth psychotherapy masterclass is for you if you are a therapist who wants to learn how to go deeper with your clients. This training will support you will learn how to specifically love and deepen engagement with your clients by practicing the 13 love-based therapy skills. You will also learn the 6 stages of love-based psychotherapy, as well as a breathing practice that supports you to better attune to your clients.

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Deepening Into Self-Love as a Therapist

In this depth therapy training, I share how I implement Love-Based Therapy as depth-oriented psychotherapist. I also offer you a window into my own self-love practices in the expressive arts. I share how I use spontaneous/intuitive drawing to witness and love my more neglected aspects of self, so that I can be more present, whole and self-loving for my therapy clients.


Love-Based Psychotherapy

A major focus of love-based, depth-oriented therapy is to provide a space for human life to grow and develop. As a therapist, I aim to support and demonstrate how a client can hold a compassionate human presence for her undeveloped parts of self.

A problem occurs when a neglected aspect of self has no “place" or “home.” The neglected energy will then be projected out of the body onto another person - or it will fracture and splinter into pieces - or it will be pressed deep down into the shadow of the psyche.

As a therapist, I allow myself to be deeply touched by a client’s neglected self (selves). I open up the center of my body and encourage the client to bring her attention back to her center. In this way, we can gradually love and integrate the client's out of control experiences together.

What You Will Learn:

1. The importance of self-love and shadow work for depth therapy practitioners

2. The practices that I have used explore my shadow and integrate my neglected aspects of self.

3. 13 love-based therapy skills

4. Six steps in a depth/love-based psychotherapy session

5. Specific directives on how to love the shadow in yourself and your clients

6. How to connect the cognitive and neglected selves in your clients

7. How to tailor shadow work for empaths

8. A meditation practice to use during your therapy sessions and in your personal practice.

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