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Self-Discovery Course

Join me for a live 12 week journey of emotional support! I am looking forward to guiding you through my book, "Collage for Self-Discovery."

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12 Weeks of Collage Therapy

My name is Shelley Klammer. I am a depth-oriented psychotherapist and an Expressive Arts Educator.

I support empathic and creative women, who struggle behind the scenes with anxiety and depression, to heal emotional repression through powerful practices of self-expression.

Like many empathic women, if you are overly nice, you may not yet have developed a strong sense of self. So, if you long to find a way to self-mirror, self-recognize, and self-affirm your inner truth, this is the course for you!

In this program, I offer you a process of spontaneous collage as a way to self-mirror your repressed emotions, desires and dreams through pictures so that you can heal depression and discover who you really are.

Weekly Support for Your Collage Process 

Welcoming you to join me to work through my book, Collage for Self-Discovery in a supportive group atmosphere! First, I will support you to relax through what I call "Intuitive Art Inductions." Then we will take half an hour to create a collage together while on Zoom, and there will be optional sharing, questions and collage explorations and interpretations near the end of our gathering.

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Emotional Catharsis With Collage

Emotional pain accumulates over time. So, unless you have experienced obvious trauma, you might not recognize that you have unaddressed emotional pain until you start to experience painful emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. 

It takes a long-time for emotional pressure to build up inside. Typically, symptoms of underlying emotional pain don’t appear until midlife because we instinctively avoid pain and seek pleasure for as long as possible when we are younger. So, by the time we are in our 40s we are usually quite emotionally accumulated! 

Yet, every day, your painful emotions can clear through spontaneously chosen imagery. Emotions love to communicate and through mysterious imagery and poetic words! By intuitively choosing imagery each day, you can reveal your emotional pain to your logical mind and clear it out day by day.


Week 1: Daily Creativity 

Learn how to set up a simple spontaneous collage practice that takes only 15 minute a day.

  • Gather your collage materials
  • Begin the self-mirroring process
  • Discover your unconscious mind in pictures


Week 2: Freedom to Play

Learn how go of what you want to create. Choose random images and put them together in a playful and messy way. 

  • Sort out what is real and false within you
  • Learn how to own your collages through writing
  • Learn how to visually meditate


Week 3: Soul Awareness

You cannot find your true self in your ideas about the past or the future. You can only receive intuitive knowing when your logical mind is quiet.

  • Learn how to cultivate a quieting ritual.
  • Learn how to create emotional poetry with imagery and words.
  • Learn how to contemplate your intuitive collage


Week 4: Express Your Uniqueness

What are your conditions of worth? Uncover who you think you "should" be in order to belong. 

  • Explore your family conditioning
  • Learn how to identify your "shoulds"
  • Learn how to discern truth from appearances


Week 5: Radical Self-Acceptance

All emotions need to be tenderly turned toward so that they can flow out of your body once and for all.

  • Practice choosing imagery without judgment
  • Recognize your emotional conditioning
  • Learn how to create an emotionally cathartic collage


Week 6: The Art of Self-Worth

You might think, "I want to feel better about myself!" Yet, you could devote your life to building self-esteem without finding intrinsic self-worth.

  • Learn how to stop trying so hard to get ahead in your life
  • Explore your idealized goals
  • Learn how to set authentic goals


Week 7: Authentic Strength

When you look within, you might find a fearful, guarded state of mind that prefers to stay small and safe than spontaneously express the truth of who you are.

  • Learn how to express yourself authentically
  • Learn how to express healthy anger
  • Learn how to free yourself from victimization


Week 8: Healing Shame 

Underneath every perfection seeking behaviour is a childhood fear of deficiency. Yet, bringing shame into the light of self-love is the only way to find expressive freedom.

  • Learn about how your social mask hides shame
  • Discover your shame avoiding behaviours
  • Learn how to face and heal shame through expressive art and writing


Week 9: Creativity and Sexuality

When you sense into what your unique sexual center feels like, you will feel much more connected to what your authentic desires are.

  • Release sexual repression though spontaneous creativity
  • Explore forbidden imagery in your collages
  • Learn about how sexual fantasies can tell you a great deal about your emotional life 


Week 10: Abundant Joy

Higher feelings arise from non-thinking awareness. Inviting something fresh to emerge in a spontaneous collage moves your life forward in fresh new ways.

  • Discovery what you love by following your visual fascinations
  • Practice emotional fulfillment through your collage practice
  • Practice seeing themes and patterns in what you love


Week 11: Courageous Purpose

As you strengthen presence to your emotional past, you will find your purpose in helping other people overcome what you have struggled with.

  • Explore how fear holds your back
  • Learn how to let go of control to find creative freedom
  • Discover how to face and process fear


Week 12: Creative Vision

Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls said, "The healthiest form of projection is art." A spontaneous collage can provide an outer view of your inner world.

  • Learn how you project unhealed emotional pain 
  • Connect to your intuition so that you can live into your highest creative visions
  • Learn how to see your next step

What women are saying...

"I knew straight away that collage was the medium for me: I can respond spontaneously, and 'feel' my way through ready-made images, colors, textures and forms. Your guidance through the weekly lessons has been invaluable - a well developed and thoughtful process of careful nurture and encouragement."

I had always rejected the magazine collage therapy stuff, but I found this course to be the most interesting and freeing thing I've done in many years. The therapeutic stuff was quite cathartic and I am feeling a great deal more spontaneous in my work. So THANK YOU so much for what you do and for offering this class.

"Funny but mysterious too. I love collage for this. Stuff just comes out and no matter how peculiar, it just feels right. I feel so much happier in myself. "My collage time clears stuff out of my head and through a creative channel. Spontaneous, simple, easy, done!"


"I now feel so connected to my creativity. Empowered by developing a way of 'tuning in' every day through your guidance. My collages are 'me' and are taking me where I need to go!"

“One of the things I love the most about all of this is your stories as you present the pages for each week. You speak so openly about your life and with so much heart that it is impossible not to be inspired to let my own understanding come forth…

I realize that I hold the key to my own success and even though it's great to have outside inspiration or praise or encouragement, being inspired from the inside is worth everything."


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